November 12, 2015

Texas Parole Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

A Guide to Texas Parole

If you have questions regarding the parole process in Texas, this website is a resource that provides answers for the family and friends of inmates at TDCJ. Feel free to email or call us with any additional questions. We provide free parole consultations for affordable legal parole representation.

Texas Parole Attorney Chris Dorbandt focuses on parole issues and appears monthly before the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. His experience can guide you through the process.

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On average, only a third of inmates are granted parole, while our percentage is much higher at 85%. Improve the chances for parole – call us for a free consultation.

Early Release from Prison for Inmates is our main focus of law

How do we help you?

  • Identify the right documents and information to forward to the Board, without overwhelming the Members with excessive or unnecessary information.
  • Guide the inmate on which courses to take to increase their chances of parole.
  • Guide the family members and friends on writing letters of support to increase the inmate’s chances of parole.
  • Guide the inmate on how to write a letter to the Board that will increase their chances of parole.
  • Ensure the parole packet documents are sent to the correct Board so that they will be considered in a timely fashion.
  • Consider and present other mitigating facts or evidence that may help the inmate’s case.
  • Finally, appear before the Board to argue the inmate’s case, in the light most favorable to the inmate.